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Victory: Video Debut

I recently decided to make my first video (with music) of our little Victory, shown below!  I often wish that I had made videos of our precious Biscuit.  I only have one video of our Biscuit just prior to his final surgery.  However, I am grateful for all the images we have of our beloved Biscuit.  In addition to my other series on the blog, it is my intention to make one video per month and share the videos here on the blog with all of you!  (Perhaps with more practice, the videos will get more sophisticated!)  The video below of our precious Victory is short and low key of her sitting on the sofa, but you will see what a sweet and gentle soul she is along with her true beauty shinning through!  Don’t you love her one floppy ear!  She also often likes  to sit with her front paws under her tummy!  To date, we still have not heard her bark!

You can view the video of Victory by clicking on the arrow in the video below or alternatively you can click here.

Happy Thursday!




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  1. Pat Pope #

    After seeing so many still photos It was such a surprise to see Victory MOVE! Good Job!

    April 10, 2014
  2. OMG she is so sweet.

    April 10, 2014

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