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Happiness Jars!

I recently learned about something called a ‘happiness jar!’  Over the weekend, I made my own little happiness jar, shown below.  Can you tell that I love stickers!  Either daily or weekly you write down on a tiny piece of scrap paper the happiest moment of your day, which will stay preserved in the happiness jar for years to come!  I thought that this would be a neat practice that I wanted to incorporate.  It only takes a few seconds to write down and preserve the simplest and happiest moments.  I like how it is a tactile practice and non-electronic, something that is rare these days!  I  also think that it will be neat to refer to this jar in the future looking back on a younger version of myself!   I also believe that this is a good way to practice gratitude!  You can get inspired and check out a whole bunch of happiness jars here!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_8423 2

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