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Submissions: ‘Dog-Centric’ Artists

As most of you know who have been following the blog, Biscuit’s Space was inspired by our beloved Biscuit, our first furry family member.  Biscuit is shown on the header and logo and throughout Biscuit’s Space.  Over time, Biscuit’s Space has grown and evolved, which is very positive.  Biscuit’s Space highlights my photography, my artistic journey, and portions of my life, including our furry family members, Biscuit and Victory.

In addition to my passion for photography and dogs, I love art.  As such, Biscuit’s Space has been a perfect place where my love of dogs and art have collided!  Biscuit’s Space has featured many ‘dog-centric’ artists and photographers.  In a quiet moment recently, the idea came to me to continue this feature and interview series and invite other ‘dog-centric’ artists to share their ‘dog-centric’ work on Biscuit’s Space!  Thus, I have developed a submissions tab on the menu bar to enable other ‘dog-centric’ artists to share their work on Biscuit’s Space, a perfect forum for ‘dog-centric’ artists!  I find that it is very interesting and fascinating to learn more about artists whose work is inspired by dogs!  Also, I think that other artists’ journeys, stories, and insights greatly help other artists as well.

Please share and feel free to submit your ‘dog-centric’ work to Biscuit’s Space!



Dogs are a constant source of inspiration.  Dogs are an integral part of many lives, often referred to as furry family members or fur babies.   Biscuit’s Space is curated with a strong artistic ‘dog-centric’ flair.  In addition to its regular content, Biscuit’s Space also features and interviews a myriad of ‘dog-centric’ artists.  Currently, many ‘dog-centric’ artists and photographers have been interviewed and featured on Biscuit’s Space.  It is always fascinating to learn more about artists who are inspired by dogs.

Biscuit’s Space is always looking to feature ‘dog-centric’ artists.  To submit your ‘dog-centric’ art work to Biscuit’s Space, e-mail with a link(s) to view your work.  If you are selected, you will be contacted for further information.


Biscuit’s Space


IMG_9662 b and w  2012

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