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Five Years In

my dearest panda

happy five-year wedding anniversary!  i can hardly believe five years have zoomed by so quickly!  i also cannot believe how much has happened within the past five years and how much we have grown together since we married.  you are my rock, confidant, and best friend.  you have the steadfast patience of a saint, for which i am most grateful.  simply stated, you are the best part of me and i feel incredibly lucky that you are my husband.  i am happy that we got married on the eleventh, as the numbers are equal — 1:1, representing equals in a marriage.

not only is today our five-year wedding anniversary, but today is also very special as we travel today to meet and rescue Victory, the sheltie friend, our sweet dear Biscuit is sending to us — what a wonderful gift for us both.  i look forward to welcoming Victory to our family in Biscuit’s great honor; enjoying our new home and making it our “home” together; and spending many more happy years together.  most of all, i cannot imagine my life without you — you make everything better.

love always,

your cheetah


k and d wedding

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  1. Carolyn Groger #

    Wow! Those 5 years have gone by quickly! What a wonderful day that was! It’s so wonderful to hear your love and commitment to Doug. Life is certainly a journey and you have found that out in the past 5 years. But you are stronger and realize what love is really all about. Have a wonderful day/weekend. Will be anxious to hear all about Victory!

    Love, Carolyn

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    October 11, 2013
  2. Pat Pope #

    What a wonderful message to your Hubby! Sometimes we do not express our LOVE as we should!

    October 14, 2013

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