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Trust the Universe

Trust has been my word for this year.  I have been working steadily over the past year on my photography project, with many months of work remaining.  I will keep working until the project is complete, which has three main phases.  Sometimes it can be very challenging to work on your work each day.  However, this project is really important to me and I have been fortunate to work with shelters and rescue organizations on this project along with countless volunteers have helped me as well.  This body of work, when finished, will be dedicated to our precious Biscuit, who was the inspiration for this work.

What I am learning through this process is that the Universe delivers, you just have to ask — similar to the Zen saying, “leap and the net will appear.”  I initially shared my project idea with the shelters and rescues, and fortunately, they have agreed to work with me to make this project possible.  I have also been fortunate to meet artist friends on this path, which has been invaluable.  For example, my artist friend recently reviewed my work, and gave me some feedback, which is always nice to receive from a trusted confidant, especially when you are working for many months in solitude.  One of the comments I received is that I need more diversity of breeds in my project.  As such, through a recommendation, I contacted several more rescue organizations and I have found two more dog rescue organizations who are going to participate in this project and allow me to include smaller breeds and breeds that I do not already have, enabling me to diversify the breeds included in this project, a goal at the outset of the project.  I asked, trusted, and the Universe delivered.

Another thing that I am learning is that it is important to push through and move further than you think that you can go with your work.  At times, this is terrifying, but I have learned to lean into it to get through it (good advice from a friend) — even though there are some days that are so tedious that I feel like pulling my hair out!  To work on something for an extended period of time takes faith and trust.  Otherwise, I am not sure how I would keep going.

Finally and importantly,  I am learning the more I work and trust the process, the more everything makes sense.  The work is always evolving, and I have to trust that I will end up where I am supposed to be.  (I really like this quote below.)

Happy creating!



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