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A Handy Device: A Pill Crusher

Ever since we adopted Biscuit, he has been on medicine and supplements.  Biscuit was eating a chewable Glycoflex III, an arthritis supplement; however, he got tired of it and he was constantly spitting it out!  As a result, we then purchased the pill form of the Glycoflex III in order for Biscuit to continue with his arthritis supplement.  However, this pill is large — close to the size of a quarter coin.  Because Biscuit is missing many teeth in the back portion of his mouth, the Glycoflex pill supplement is difficult for Biscuit to chew even when cut the pill into quarters, which we cover in Greenies Pill Pockets!  As a result, Doug recently ordered a pill crusher, pictured below, to help crush the Glycoflex so that we could mix the crushed Glycofllex supplement with Biscuit’s prescription wet food in order to make little “meatballs!”  So far, it is really working well!

If anyone is in need of a pill crusher, this pill crusher works really well and it comes with these cute cups!

IMG_8045 2

IMG_9610 3

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