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A Finicky Biscuit!

We have had a few issues getting Biscuit to take his medicine recently.   We were making little ‘meatballs’ with Biscuit’s prescription wet food and inserting and hiding his medicine.  He decided that he needed a change, and refused to eat his prescription wet food that he always gobbled up!  So we called the vet, and she recommended using Greenies Pill Pockets to give Biscuit his medicine.  They were a hit with Biscuit.  He loves them.  We stocked up on these for Biscuit!  We need to make sure that Biscuit will take his medicine.  Luckily, we are down to Biscuit’s standard two pills plus his joint supplement.  So, if you are having issues with your dog taking his medicine, consider tying the Greenies Pill Pockets.   Biscuit wakes up waiting for his Greenies Pill Pockets!

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