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Biscuit Met Another Sheltie!

Yesterday, we had a low-key Father’s Day.  In celebration of Father’s Day, Biscuit made a little gift for his Daddy!  Yesterday for brunch, Doug made us malted Belgian waffles and I cut up fresh fruit to top off the waffles!  Doug also made us Cincinnati Chili for dinner!  Doug loves to bake and cook — I am thankful!

We went to check on the status of the house yesterday.  We will get more information on the status and projected completion of the house this week before the drywall goes up — we think we are over half way to completion!  During our visit to the new house, Biscuit met a sheltie, Dean, who lives part-time with a family in the neighborhood.  Dean is much younger, three-years-old, and full of energy — a little too much for Biscuit!  We think they recognized each other as fellow shelties!  Per the neighbor, Biscuit will be the only full-time sheltie resident in the new neighborhood thus far!  This spring Biscuit also met a little female sheltie, Coca!  It is pretty rare to run into other shelties — I am glad that I had my camera with me!  Some photos are shown below!

Happy Monday!

IMG_8100 2

IMG_8135 2

IMG_8137 2

IMG_8139 2

IMG_8147 2

IMG_8239 2

IMG_8257 2


IMG_8125 2

IMG_8220 2

IMG_8168 2

IMG_8315 2

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