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Biscuit Atop Mount Equinox

Yesterday we had the most gorgeous weather — the best weather day of our trip!  After more shopping and visiting more sites, we decided to drive to the top of Mount Equinox with Biscuit.  It is not every day that a little dog gets to go to the top of a mountain — or for that matter it is not every day that a person goes to the top of a mountain!  We had a nice time and the views were quite beautiful.  Mount Equinox is approximately 4,000 feet above sea level.  Mount Equinox towers above the other mountains in the Taconic Range and offers a 360 degree view which includes New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.  Mount Royal in Montreal, Canada can also be seen.  The temperature was a bit cooler and there was snow at the top of Mount Equinox!  Biscuit had a great time transiting the top of the mountain!  (Hopefully, the change in altitude did not impact Biscuit’s little ears too much).  Doug and I really enjoy the mountains; they are beautiful.

We wish that we could stay in Vermont longer than a week!  It has been very peaceful and serene!

Below are a few photographs of little Biscuit atop Mount Equinox!  More photos will be coming soon!

IMG_1469 2


IMG_1310 3

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  1. Louie and Bitsey Ross Wilson #

    AMAZING view!!!! Way to go Biscuit !

    May 28, 2013

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