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Biscuit’s Reign as the Orvis Petfinder Commitment Dog Comes to a Sweet End

We recently received this wonderful package, pictured below, from Orvis as a thank you to Biscuit for serving and representing the 2012 Orvis Petfinder Commitment, promoting dog rescue.  Biscuit was the first dog to represent this important Orvis-Petfinder Commitment.  Fortunately, Biscuit, through his image, has helped promote dog rescue and, as a result, Orvis is renewing its relationship with the Petfinder Foundation with another Orvis Customer Matching Grant!  (Please read further information below).

Biscuit, along with us, has certainly enjoyed being part of this journey and he is looking forward to his visit to Vermont at the Orvis Flagship store this May!

Thank you Orvis for the thoughtful gifts that you sent to Biscuit!  Most of all, thank you Orvis for selecting Biscuit to be a part of this important cause.

Dear Ms. Carver,

On behalf of Orvis and Petfinder Foundation, I’d like to thank you and Biscuit for being such an important visual element of our promotional campaign in 2012.  I’m happy to report that the campaign was very popular with our customers and easily surpassed our fundraising goals, all to benefit Petfinder Foundation.  As a result, Orvis will be renewing its relationship with Petfinder Foundation with another Orvis Customer Matching Grant in 2013.  To launch our new matching funds campaign for 2013, we have decided to update our presentation, using another photo of rescue dogs submitted to us through our catalog cover contest, just as you did last year.  This time, we are blessed with the story of two dogs – Becca and Tolle – whose friendship began thanks to Petfinder!  I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a wonderful story, just as Biscuit’s story is, and an appropriate fresh start for our 2013 campaign. ( ). 

We thank you for being part of the family with us in 2012 and for your devoted support of Orvis and the Petfinder Foundation.  

Kindest Regards,

Bill Eyer, Orvis


Dear Everyone at Orvis:

On behalf of Biscuit, we would like to say thank you for the gifts that you sent to Biscuit that we received the other night.  It was very thoughtful and generous of you to think of Biscuit.  He will enjoy his new toys!  Thank you.  (Some photographs are shown below).

We are honored that Biscuit was selected to be a part of the Orvis Commitment supporting and promoting dog rescue.  We are happy that we were able to share Biscuit with the world as part of this important Commitment.  It is our hope that Biscuit’s story helped inspire others to consider dog rescue.  We are very happy to hear that this campaign has been renewed for 2013!

Sincerely yours,

Katie, Doug & Biscuit

IMG_4384 2

IMG_4406 2

The note from Orvis to Biscuit, included with his gift package states, “THANKS BISCUIT, FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT ORVIS AND THE PETFINDER FOUNDATION.”

In the above photograph, Biscuit is laying on his personalized embroidered blanket that we ordered from Orvis.

Featured in Biscuit’s Orvis gift box are the following items shown immediately below.


Good Dog Gift Bucket


Omaha Steaks Dog Treats


Antlerz Dog Chews


biscuit 2

We believe that Biscuit’s story has inspired others to consider dog rescue, helping other dogs in need of loving homes.  Our lives have been blessed with Biscuit, and Biscuit will always serve as an inspriation and an example of a sucessful dog rescue story for all!

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