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Biscuit – Orvis Flagship Store

Biscuit is shown in the Orvis Flagship store – do you see the image of Biscuit in the Orvis Flagship store below on the right?  Biscuit is also shown on the Dog Blog at!  You can view this blog post here!  In this blog post, you can also get a sneak peek inside the dog section of the Orvis Flagship store located in Manchester, Vermont!

This spring, when the weather gets warmer, in May, we have a trip planned to take Biscuit to Vermont and, while we are in Vermont, we will take Biscuit visit the Orvis Flagship store!  Biscuit should have a great time!  Biscuit will get to try out the Orvis Canine Cantina, using his own water dish, of course!


Bicuit shown at Orvis Flagship Store



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