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Holiday Traditions

What are your holiday traditions? Alex is getting older and she is getting more into the holiday spirit, each year! This year we are doing the following:

-Each evening after dinner, we do the advent calendar with both of our girls; and Alex never lets me forget, with her great memory and attention to detail! We found the chocolate (human) and dog advent calendars at Trader Joe’s, and they are a hit with the girls, including Victory!

-We are making Christmas eggnog sugar cookies, and they are simply the best! Alex loves to creatively decorate them; and then we all consume them! We especially like these sugar cookies, and Alex always loves to eat her cookies with eggnog!

-We love looking at Christmas lights. We have enjoyed Enchant and the Symphony of Lights! We also like to drive through neighborhoods and look at residential lights and decorations with our girls.

-We love watching Christmas themed shows with Alex, which are always a hit! We especially love A Charlie Brown Christmas.

-We love reading Christmas stories together, which is always fun!

-We love listening to Christmas music as well!

-I always get the girls matching Hanna Andersson pjs for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, which Alex enjoys, and Victory fortunately tolerates wearing them!

-We make a photo Holiday card each year!

-I also get the girls an ornament each year; I also get a few photo ornaments made from the year; and we also pick up ornaments from the places we visited, creating a Christmas memory tree!

-We decorate our Christmas tree together, and Alex loves to put on decorations! I especially love and cherish her hand made Christmas ornaments!

-I get Alex a Christmas dress each year!

-We usually go and see Santa with the girls, but we skipped last year and we are skipping this year, again, due to COVID. Alex has not asked for any specific gifts from Santa, this year, just that she hopes Santa wraps her gifts in orange wrapping paper, her favorite color! She is curious, though, about what Santa is going to bring her, which she is looking forward to with great anticipation!

-We will also likely leave a note and cookies for Santa this year, for the first time!

-We love spending time together, and Christmas morning is always so much fun! I am sure that our traditions will expand as Alex gets older, adopting some of her ideas, which she has many!

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  1. Gloria #

    Love seeing your pictures and reading about your girls. Beautiful family. Thanks for the smiles

    December 8, 2021

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