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Loving: Winter 2020

Happy winter!  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this winter!  (And, we hope to have no more sickness in our house for awhile!)



1. Paperless Post — I have been using Paperless Post since this fall, when I discovered it.  I love sending paper cards, and I was saddened to hear, recently, that one of my favorite paper card stores, Papyrus, is closing.  (We got our custom wedding invitations from Papyrus.)  Anyway, Paperless Post is great!  I love it.  It is great for sending a card that you instantly want to be received by the recipient, whereas a card via mail would take too long, in some cases.  Especially if you have friends and/or family living abroad, for example.  The designs are beautiful and there is a large selection in many categories!  There is a small nominal fee to send these cards, but I think it is worth it!  I highly recommend, even though I have not given up sending paper cards!

2. Born Boots  — I love these boots!  They are simple in design and super comfortable with a nice lining to keep your legs warm!  I highly recommend them!

3. Peloton Tred — We recently got the Peloton Tred over the Holidays, and we love it.  We gave up our gym membership for the Peloton, and we are so happy.  We are able to use it daily, outside of the time we were all sick, and Doug and I trade off in order to get daily exercise, and Alex can remain at home with us, which makes everything easier.  The tred is very smooth to walk and run on, and the classes are great, too.  (And you do not have to have a Peloton to do the classes!)  It is so convenient and wish we had made the decision to get it sooner!

4. Instacart — Doug and I recently started using Instacart from our local Wegmans.  Doug really wanted to try it, so over the holidays, we gave it a try, and we have not gone back.  It is a huge time saver and we love it!  Doug and I work on the list together before placing our order, and pervious orders are saved, which is nice so you do not have to resubmit your list each week and you can modify the list as needed.  There have not been any mistakes, thus far; the shoppers all text with substitution approvals; and all of our order have been on time, except for one.  I was not so keen on doing it, initially, but it is really nice not to have to fight the crowds on the weekends and have a little bit more time, which feels like it is at a premium these days.

5. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Balm Alex had had some patches of dry skin during these cooler months that we were unable to resolve.  The pediatrician recommended this balm, and it works great, and cleared everything in a few days, and Alex’s skin feels so, so soft!  It does not have a smell and it is not greasy, which we love!  I have even used it myself, and it works great!

6. Dog Sherpa Throw — For Victory’s birthday, we gave her a large sherpa throw for our bed, where she likes to lay during the day.  It is so soft, and it washes up well, too.  Then, for Christmas, we gave her the smaller sherpa throw to use in the car, which works really well, too!  I highly recommend it for any furry family member!  Victory loves it!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Wednesday!

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