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Victory: Trusted and Loyal Fur Sister

I do not have a blog post prepared this week.  Sickness hit our house recently, and Alex has been quite sick for almost a week with a terrible cold, double ear infection, and fever.  And, I caught strep and Doug is not feeling well either.  We have been in full caring and healing mode here.  Alex is getting better on her new antibiotic, thankfully.  Victory, as always, is always there for us.  During this time of sickness, there has been a silver lining — Victory and Alex have bonded.  Victory has given Alex lots of love to include licking all of the wet and dried mucus off of her nose and face.  (A short video is shown below.)  Alex does not seem to mind all of Victory’s affection.  Alex now holds her hand out gently for Victory to give her licks, ‘kisses,’ and she thinks it is great, which always brings a big smile to Alex’s face.  Alex is giving Victory loads of treats and she is now petting Victory gently on the head.

Victory means the world to us.  It is amazing to me how she always knows what is going on, even if she cannot express it in words to us.  She must know Alex is not feeling well.  (Typically, Victory is a bit timid about getting too close around Alex who is constantly in motion.)  Victory is such a smart, loving, loyal, and protective creature.  We are the lucky ones, and we are so glad that Victory is a part of our family.  Victory is such a great fur sister to Alex and she is always teaching us something about life.


Here is a video of Victory being such a loving fur sister.

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  1. Gina Harasti #

    I am moved. Great post! Hope you all feel better soon. Even sick, baby Alex is so sweet. Victory, as usual, is amazing.

    We have been sad lately as Pip started having seizures in December. He just turned 4 on January 1st. They are partial seizures of an unknown cause and are probably hereditary. He’s receiving a Chinese herb for now. Seizure medicine has a lot of side effects. He’s a great little dog and very affectionate.

    Sending well wishes to all of you. Gina ________________________________

    January 21, 2020

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