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Gone Fishing . . .


We are headed out, very soon, for our first vacation with Alex and Victory to commemorate our first year together along with celebrating Alex’s first birthday, as a family, which is difficult to believe is already nearly here!  I am taking an extended break from the blog to rest and rejuvenate; and I plan to be back, to the blog, later in August with weekly posts first highlighting our twelfth month together with Alex; our vacation; and Alex’s first birthday celebration!  Thank you all, so very much, for reading the blog.  Whether you are a recent reader or have been following the blog for awhile, I am honored you take time to read the blog.  I am truly grateful.  Finally, as I take this brief break for rest and rejuvenation, I hope you find periods of rest for yourself as well.

Meanwhile, if you are in a blog-reading mood, you are warmly invited to visit the archives — the links are shown below.

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Tips for planning and vacationing with your furry family member

Additionally, if you are interested, here are some links to some of our previous vacations — Nova Scotia, 2011Nova Scotia, 2012Vermont, 2013Vermont and Québec, 2014Vermont and Québec City, 2015Lake Michigan, 2016; Charleston, 2017; and Charleston 2018!

Happy Summer!


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