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Loving Summer 2019

Happy summer!  We are excited that it is officially summer and we are enjoying time together!  Below are some items I am currently loving!



1. Lululemon Tank — I recently got this new Lululemon tank for the summer, and I love it.  It breathes well and it is extremely comfortable!

2. Bogg Bag —  I love the Bogg Bag!  It is great for taking to the pool or beach, as it is waterproof!  It is also easy to find your gear within the bag itself, which is an added plus!

3. Apple Watch — I am probably late to the game with the Apple Watch, but Doug just got me one for Mother’s Day, and I love it!

4. Satya’s Mother’s Love Necklace — I love the Satya line, and I was recently gifted this beautiful necklace, which I love.

5. Frames  — We have picture frames all over our house.  I especially love these simple silver frames.

6. Doen Tote Bag — It seems we are always in need of a tote bag.  I absolutely love this Doen tote bag, which is also quite pretty, with little roses printed on the fabric!

Happy Summer!

You can view other things I love here!

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