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Choosing Imperfection


Life has changed in so many ways from when I started this blog back in the winter of 2012.  Since Alex’s arrival, life has dramatically changed, for the better.  I am a “doer” and I like to get things done and off my to do list.  However, I cannot get through my to do list at the pace I used to, and do everything the way that I used to, before a little human entered our lives, who depends on us for literally everything.  This year, I have been embracing everything and taking nothing for granted as this time in our lives will only happen once.  So, instead of getting discouraged about not being able to get everything done the way I used to, I have shifted to “choosing imperfection.”  Some things get put off a little bit until we are able to get to them.  We still manage to get what we must get done, while taking care of Alex.  Doug and I work as a team, the best ever, because we have to rely on each other to do this life and take care of our girls; and it is working well.  We do have a really good intuitive feel of the other, so we just adjust and help each other.  We now also somewhat have a routine to our days, for the most part, with Alex, which makes things a bit more predictable, compared to the early days, thankfully.  However, everything takes so much more planning, coordination, and time, which we have become accustomed to now.  So, I choose to embrace the imperfection knowing that we have much less time to do things, everything takes longer, and life is overall more unpredictable than it used to be.  There are so many wonderful, fortuitous moments I have experienced with Alex and Victory, which I am so grateful, as I have had the fortunate opportunity to spend a lot of time with Alex during her first year.

Having Alex has really made me/us prioritize everything, and I use most pockets of time, when then come around, utilizing the Pomodoro Technique.  Not having much time has forced me to utilize the time I do have to its utmost, including trying to get more sleep and rest.  I think I am actually more productive than ever using less time.  We have also shed those things that were no longer serving us, as we just do not have the time!  I know, in a future season, there will be more time, but for now, we do the best that we can to be present.

Most of the time, I still feel scattered, as my mind constantly jumps from one thing to the next.  I suppose now, I am just more used to feeling like this.  As a result, I am constantly making lists and emailing myself reminders so that I will not forget things.  And, it always seems like we are in need of ordering something for either Alex and Victory!  Thank goodness we live in an age with the convenience of Amazon Prime, which is so nice!

We have also learned that it is really important to set aside date nights so we can actually visit and talk uninterrupted, as most days, especially during the week, there is not much time to visit, as we are off to bed early most nights, as our little Alex is ready to start her day very early the next morning!  We covet those times together.  We also have learned it is a necessity to have help.  We are so fortunate and grateful to have a wonderful teacher, care givers, and sitters for Alex!  We would be lost without them and we would be even more tired than we already are!

Most of all, life is good.  Time has taken on a whole new meaning — it does not move too fast or too slow.  It moves at the proper pace, allowing our hearts to hold more love than we ever knew possible.  I am so grateful to have Alex and our little family.  Our girls have changed me forever and I hope that I am a better person for it.  It has been so much fun witnessing our little Alex learning and figuring out how walk and to recently hear her say her first word!  She is coming into her own little person — she has her own little strong personality and she knows how she likes things; and she will always lets you know how she feels!  Life is really sweet and imperfectly beautiful!

“Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect.  It means you decided to look beyond the imperfections.”  — Unknown

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  1. Gina Harasti #

    And you can still rock a bikini! Good for you! Precious photos that Alex will treasure all of her life.


    May 28, 2019

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