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Loving Fall 2018

Happy fall!  The fall is one of our favorite times of the year!  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this fall!



1. Everyday Gratitude — I recently discovered this book and gifted it to a good friend!  This book contains wonderful quotes and thoughts to ponder on a daily basis!  I highly recommend this book to everyone!

2. Family Tree Ornament —  I was looking for a family ornament four our Christmas tree and after much searching, I settled on this one with all four of our names engraved on it, which now is hanging on our tree!

3. Gathre Changing Mat — We have three of these mats and since we love them so much, and we even keep one in our car for emergencies as well!  The mat is light-weight, portable, and cleans up really well!  We even got the mat for the high chair, for when that time comes!

4. Artifact Uprising Brass Desk Calendar — I love making our images tangible.  Each year I always make one of these calendars for our home and for Doug to take to work.  I love it!

5. Lululemon Camo Align Crop Pants  — I love the Lululemon align pant, and Doug gifted them to me recently in the camo pattern; they are really great and very comfortable.  I highly recommend them!

6. Goal Digger Podcast — I have listened to this podcast for awhile and it is quite interesting.  It is a creative business type podcast with many interviews of various creatives and interesting topics!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Wednesday!

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