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Season of Gratitude


It is that time of year, autumn, our favorite season!  It is a time for reflection and harvest.  I have learned that a gratitude practice can be really helpful.  For some reason, during November, I find myself returning back to this practice I learned many years ago.  Perhaps it is the cooler weather and the holiday season in the air.  Regardless, it is giving me so much joy to continually name those things I love in this life.

My favorite way to engage in this practice is just by setting aside a good ten minutes every morning and write whatever comes to mind using stream of consciousness.

So on this cold early morning, here is what I am so extremely thankful for:

  • writing during this cold dark morning in silence with a cup of hot cider next to me
  • the early mornings where I have a little time to myself
  • getting to be a ‘fur mamma’ and human mamma
  • the holiday season, along with the holiday decorations all around the neighborhood
  • our first trip to the pumpkin patch, as a family of four
  • our first Thanksgiving as a family of four
  • our healthy baby who is thriving
  • our fur girl, Victory, who just got a clean bill of health at the vet during her annual exam recently and she is almost over her ear infection!
  • our warm house filled with wonderful natural light
  • the sound of our baby’s chuckles
  • everything about my husband, the way he smells, his touch, and how he fathers
  • walks outside taking in the cool fall air
  • our ‘night-night’ routine with our fur girl, Victory
  • friends who are always there, no matter what
  • the way our baby looks while she is asleep — so peaceful
  • the way our baby looks at us in the morning when she has just woken up — there are no words to describe this feeling
  • nursing our baby
  • lunches and dinners with good friends
  • enjoying good books
  • the privilege of being taught by others
  • the ability to choose
  • the ability to write, think, imagine, and create
  • family dinners together
  • the way Victory loves our baby, it is just darling!

Try it for yourself.  Set aside ten minutes and write anything and everything you are grateful for.  See what comes out.  I am very grateful that you spend time reading my words.  Happy Monday!

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