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Loving: Maternity Wear

Happy spring!  It finally feels like spring around here and we are loving the sunshine and fresh air!  Below are some items that I really have loved wearing while growing our baby.  After much looking around quite a bit, I was not a fan of maternity clothes, so I have done my best to wear my regular clothes by sizing up, in most cases.



1. Hatch Bikini — This was the only one of three ‘maternity pieces’ that I purchased during this pregnancy, which Doug got for me this spring.  I absolutely love the Hatch Bikini.  We got it for our Babymoon and to use at our pool this summer.  It is extremely comfortable and fits one’s growing belly well.  Although this exact bikini is not available any longer, there are similar Hatch bathing suits here.

2. DKNY Underwear – I did not purchase any ‘maternity underwear.’  I use my current underwear, which still fits well (I did not size up), while pregnant, even during this final trimester.  I highly recommend this underwear regardless if you are pregnant!

3. Wacaol Bra – I did not purchase any ‘maternity bras.’  I ended up sizing up with my usual bra, and it worked out well, thus far.  However, I did purchase the Emma-Jane night bra for postpartum, which is quite comfortable also.

4. Tom’s Shoes — My feet and ankles have been quite swollen during the later part of this pregnancy.  I have loved wearing my Tom’s shoes, as they accommodated my expanding feet well, which is hopefully short lived!

5. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Shorts – Since our baby is due during the summer months, I had to get maternity shorts for ease of comfort.  I found these maternity shorts by Ingrid & Isabel to be very comfortable and they are inexpensive as well.

6. Ann Taylor Loft Top  – I never found any maternity tops that I fell in love with.  Thus, I sized up on the type of tops I would normally wear from Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, for example, which has worked out well, thus far.

7. Lululemon Align Pant – I love Lululemon’s pants.  I sized up and keep wearing these pants, which is getting me through this pregnancy.

8. Lululemon Align Crop Pant – Since I love Lululemon’s pants, I sized up in the Align crop pant as well for exercising and it has worked well as well, thus far.

9. Lululemon Tops – I found a few Lululemon tops that have worked well during this pregnancy with my expanding belly.  Although the exact top that I found this past winter is no longer made, that has been working well, I love the Lululemon tanks that have a built in bra.

10. Isabella Oliver Dress – I purchased this maternity dress and I love it!  The dress is comfortable; the material is very well made; and it looked quite flattering!

11. Nordstrom’s Pajamas – Long – I discovered these pajamas last fall and I love them — they are super comfortable!  They have worked well during my pregnancy and for hanging in around the house; although I ended up sizing up during the third trimester, as my belly has really grown.

12. Nordstrom’s Pajamas – Short – These pajamas are getting me through the summer months.  They are extremely comfortable!  I sized up as I am using them during my third trimester and they are great to wear during the warmer months.  They work really well!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Tuesday!

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