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Six Year Blogiversary!

Tomorrow is the six-year Blogiversary of the blog!  It is really difficult to believe that six years have already passed by so quickly!  Many things have changed over the past few years, but some things remain the same, fortunately.

If it were not for our beloved Biscuit, I am not sure I would have ever started blogging and I know that I would not have started my long-term photography project, which is so close to completion, for which Biscuit and Victory are my inspiration.  Biscuit was such a blessing and gift to us.  Biscuit permanently changed our lives in so many positive ways and Biscuit sent us our precious little rescue sheltie, Victory, who we adore and love, shown below!  And, coincidentally, Victory is as old as the blog!

Thank you for reading this blog for however long or short you have been visiting!  I truly enjoy creating content for the blog to share with all of you, and I hope that you continue to enjoy visiting and reading the blog!

Thank you so very much!  xoxo


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  1. Beautiful blog!🐕🐶 Your posts really make my day! I don’t comment often…but I read it nearly every time a new post comes out! Such a beautiful pup…🐶💞 . Collie or Shelty? Sorry…probably misspelled that. Keep up the great work! 🐈🐾🐈 4 paws up!🐾🐾. Andrea.

    February 2, 2018
  2. Lisa #

    Happy Anniversary

    March 6, 2018

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