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Rejection Letters: Famous People

Can you imagine listening to Madonna and turning her away from your record label and then seeing what became of her career?  Or saying “no thank you” to Andy Warhol as he tried to gift one of his drawings to your museum?  Or saying “no thanks” after listening to a U2 tape submission?  These letters must have been difficult for the artists to receive, but they also must have motivated the artists to keep pushing through, despite the rejection, which is never fun to receive.  It is reassuring that some very famous artists received rejection along the way, but the rejection did not stop them.  Talent, perseverance, and fortitude — seem to be the common threads to artists’ success.  So, keep pushing through, even if it seems impossible!


rejection letter 1


rejection letter 2


rejection letter 3


Source — above images: You can view the Madonna letter here; the Andy Warhol letter here; and the P. Hewson, U2 letter here.

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