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Things I Love: Winter 2017

Happy winter!  While this is not necessarily our favorite time of year, we are taking advantage of the time indoors to be productive!




1. Empathy Cards by Emily McDowell  – I love cards and I like sending cards.  Emily McDowell is an illustrator and she has a relatively recent new lines of cards, Empathy Cards, which are perfect to send to a friend or family member experiencing a terrible illness or loss.  Emily is a cancer survivor herself, which was the impetus for creating this line of cards.  So, if you need a card to show your support, when you may not have the words, these are wonderful cards to send.

2. The Universe Has Your Back – I recently read this book by Gabriel Bernstein over the Holiday break, and I really enjoyed it.

3. Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment – I have been using Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment over the past several months.  It works fantastically for chapped lips and for chapped hands.  You can order it here.

4. Cetaphil Lotion — Since it has become colder, I have been hydrating my skin, and this lotion works really well — it does not have a scent and it does not leave an oily residue.  I love it!

5. Celestial Seasonings Green Tea — I have been drinking more hot tea lately and I really love this green tea and it tastes really great with almond milk and honey!

6. Fitbit Charge 2 – Doug gave me a new Fitbit for Christmas, and I love it!  I usually am making 10,000 steps a day!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Wednesday!

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