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Around Here: August

We have been enjoying the last months of summer!  It has been very hot this summer, and it is hard to believe that summer will be coming to an end in several weeks.  However, we are looking forward to fall, one of our favorite seasons.  Below are some items that have occurred around here in August!

-continuing to work steadily on my long-term photography project — this December is my target finish date after nearly four years of consistent work!

-we took a vacation to Lake Michigan!  (More photos to come this week!)

-we celebrated our birthdays and we had a fun birthday weekend together!

-we took another trip to the Eastern Shore for crabs and shrimp with Victory!

-I accepted a new position, which I am excited about starting!

-Victory’s Audrey Hepburn inspired portrait is almost finished and we love it!  I can’t wait to share it!

-finished my new website.

-tried acupuncture for the second time.

-we pretty much finished our spring/summer cleaning — we have a couple of closets left remaining to clean out!

-enjoying the final weeks at our neighborhood pool, relaxing and reading!

-enjoying evening walks with Victory in her Hound About, when it is not too hot to walk outside!

-enjoying evening runs to TCBY for frozen yogurt with Victory — her favorite is the peanut butter frozen yogurt!  I had a TCBY yogurt birthday cake made for Doug’s birthday, and he loved it!

-enjoying time on our decks together on cooler evenings, watching the sun set.

-burning summer scented candles in our home!

-my friend introduced me to singing bowls, which are neat.

-began watching The Night Of, a really good series.

-watched Miracles from Heaven, a really good movie.

-enjoying the second season of the Magic Lessons Podcast, with a lot of good content and lessons.

-began reading The Alchemist — a good read so far.

-still using my Fitbit and I’m hitting 10,000 steps per day most days.

-continuing to make incremental progress on our ever-growing to do list!

Happy Tuesday!


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