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Snapshot: Lake Michigan Vacation

We are back from Lake Michigan!  We are getting back into the swing of things from being gone!  It was a long car ride, nearly 14 hours.  Fortunately, Doug did most of the driving for us!  Victory was a trooper in the car and she did really well on vacation.

We were really fortunate that we had nice weather and temperatures during our vacation!  Today’s post is a sneak peek, as I have not finished editing the images from our trip.  If you follow along on Instagram, I shared a few images from our vacation during our vacation!

Our family rented a house for a week within a short walk to the lake!  Doug and I went for morning walks together along the lake, and we even ended up crossing over into Indiana!  Victory loved the beach and she got along well with her ‘Uncle Nick!’

Doug enjoys good bourbon, so we went to the Journeyman Distillery and took a tour.  We also ate several times at the Distillery’s restaurant, the Staymaker.  The food was very good, and bourbon was incorporated in every menu item!  We also took a trip to Notre Dame, and the dogs did really well on campus.  Victory has now toured Penn State; Princeton; and now Notre Dame!  She is weighing her college options!

My Dad and Doug made it to the Casino where Doug doubled his money while playing blackjack, while my Mom, sister, and I did some shopping in Michigan City.  My nephew, Liam, got some cute new fall clothing!

Most of all, we enjoyed our time at the beach and the lake.  Doug and I went swimming in the lake quite a bit.  The water was very clear and clean!  We had planned to take Victory in the lake, but we decided not to this time.  She did dip her little paws in the water, though, similar to her first time at the beach while we vacationed in Quebec.

We also played lots of Dominos.  Doug is officially the reigning Domino winner.  Nobody can beat him!

Even after 14 hours in the car on the ride home, Victory still spotted her exit to her house.  She was exhausted, and she actually slept some in the car on the ride home, which is a first, but she still managed to recognize her exit to her house and to the garage — one of her all time favorite activities — returning home via the garage!  She was so excited to be home in familiar surroundings!

Enjoy the snapshot of photos from our vacation below!  Once I finish editing the images from our vacation, I will put a proper blog post together to share in the next week or two, I hope.  Stay tuned.


IMG_3921 3

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