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Planning a Birthday Theme for your Furry Family Member

It is our birthday week!  Doug’s birthday and my birthday are right next to each other!  We always celebrated Biscuit’s birthday during our birthday week as well!  So, this got me thinking about Victory’s birthday in October.  She will be five-years-old, we think, as she is a rescue.  You can view Victory’s first birthday celebration with us here where she turned three-years-old; and you can view Victory’s second birthday celebration with us here where she turned four-years-old.  I like to plan, when I can, and I think we are going to have a light pink and gold themed birthday for Victory this year.  It is fitting with her golden colored fur coat!  We have fun documenting Victory’s birthday each year, and it will be fun to look back through the years and see her physical changes.  Growing up, my Mom had our portraits taken around our birthday each year through college — so I am continuing this tradition with our fur girl, Victory!

Here are some birthday ideas to celebrate Victory’s fifth birthday!  We cannot believe that she will be with us three years on October 12, her adoption date, which we made her birthday!  The time really has gone by too quickly!  All items, shown below, can be purchased through Oh Happy Day!


birthday ideas - furry family member


Below Victory is pictured on her third birthday — a rainbow themed birthday; and she is also pictured on her fourth birthday — a pink themed birthday.  These are the two birthdays, so far, that we have celebrated since rescuing Victory!


IMG_0809 2

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