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Summer Update: Victory

This spring and summer has been unexpectedly chaotic, and I have not shared as much about our fur girl, Victory.  Victory is indeed doing very well!

Her fur coat continues to grow and she continues to fill out!  She has physically and emotionally come a long way from where she started with us.

Her health is doing well, as far as we know.  She has her annual check up with the vet soon to ensure she is healthy.

She is getting a little more confident.  She would still prefer not to share the sidewalk with anyone else during her daily walks, but she is getting better.

She still loves going for rides in her Hound About!

She loves outings.  It has been quite hot and humid here this summer, so we have not been able to take as many outings together, but we have managed a few get aways together this summer, which she loved.  With the summer heat, we have been taking Victory to TCBY in the evenings this summer and she absolutely loves it — she loves the peanut butter flavored yogurt, and she loves sharing a waffle cone with her Daddy!  We also take her out to dinner when it is not too hot!

She still absolutely loves coming home after an outing to our garage — she thinks it is the best thing ever as evidenced by her wide smile, front paws on the top of the interior car door, with her sheltie furs blowing in the wind.

She loves to play in bed at night before bed — this might be her favorite activity!  She knows when it is ‘last call’ and she heads up the stairs confidently and jumps into our bed waiting for me to pull down the duvet and pillows.  She is loves to run around and jump around the bed trying to put our hands in her mouth, while letting out a few prized barks!

She likes to sleep in.  When we wake up in the mornings, she is always laying above one of our heads!  She also loves to get a belly rub in the morning and she climbs back into bed, after her early morning potty, during the week, and curls up and rests while we get ready for the day.

She also loves her wet Fromm food, which is not currently being made anymore, and this spring we stockpiled what we were able to find online.  In the meantime, Victory has tried similar quality wet foods: Tiki; Weruva; and Evangers.  She, fortunately, seems to like them all!

She loves ‘people food.’  She also loves carbs — who would have guessed!  When we have dinner, she always comes over to the table for some ‘people food!’

She did really well on vacation this year!  She loved the beach, pictured below.

Victory is always by my side while I am working away at the computer, and I would not have it any other way!  She loves to lay by my feet under my desk and rest.  She is a wonderful and loving furry family member!  We love her so much and value each day with our precious fur girl!

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend!  We are planning to rest and go to the pool!


IMG_5811 3

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  1. linda #

    Wonderful……..sounds like you both have so much fun with Victory…, she is beautiful of

    August 8, 2016

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