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Amplifying Your Creative Work Space

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I have been thinking a lot about my work space that surrounds me when I am working on my photography.   Listed below are some tips to help make your creative work space more inviting for your creative work.  I love the light and airy work spaces shown below courtesy of Pinterest.

1. Light a scented candle(s) that you love.

2. Surround yourself with artwork you love.

3. Surround yourself with images of friends and family who are supportive of you and your work.

4. Listen to music you enjoy.

5. Listen to podcasts that are inspiring.

6. Surround yourself with inspiring books you love.

7. Allow natural light to flood into your work space.

8. Paint your work space a soothing color.

9. Have a comfortable/ergonomic chair that promotes comfort while working.

10. Lastly, having your furry family member nearby, while you work, is always comforting!

Happy Creating!


Amplyfying Your Work space


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