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Moments: Victory

We love our little fur girl, Victory, so very much!  It is difficult to believe that we have already celebrated two birthdays with our Victory.  The time is going by really quickly!  I thought that I would capture some moments here, on the blog, about our fur girl!

I love waking up with Victory in the morning with her furry head abutting  mine.

I love having a little furry friend waiting for me to finish showering so she can potty and have her breakfast!

I love how Victory loves to play each night before ‘night-night’ as she jumps around making growling noises, along with an occasional bark!

I love how Victory love her Daddy — giving him kisses in the same place on his face each night before bed!

I love taking long walks with Victory in her Hound About, which she loves!

I love how Victory is always laying at my feet as I work through the final portion of this long-term photography project!

I love ‘Waffle Cone Wednesday’ at TCBY with Victory!

I love how Victory is always up for an adventure!

I love how Victory travels with us, as our trips and vacations would never be the same!

I love how we are able to take Victory with us out to dinner during warmer months!

I love how Victory looks adorable in her Ergo, which she loves!

I love how Victory is so loyal and is always by my side, especially, when I am feeling sick.

I love how Victory loves routines, as do I!

I love how Victory is always promptly at the dinning room table waiting for some ‘human food,’ while kindly nudging me for more food with her snout!

I love how Victory loves to eat popcorn, and she has gotten so particular that she refuses to eat plain air-popped popcorn — she wants it to have cheese sprinkled on it — such discerning taste!

Most of all, I love how Victory is an integral family member.  We cannot imagine our lives without her.  What we give her, she returns one-hundred fold!  We are also the lucky ones!

Happy Friday!


IMG_8432 4

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  1. Anonymous #

    You can FEEL the love!!!!

    May 20, 2016
  2. Anonymous #

    What’s the fun of having a pet if you can’t spoil them?! I just consider it showing love!

    September 17, 2016
  3. Anonymous #

    I can just feel your love for Victory in your words. So sweet.

    September 17, 2016

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