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Honoring Biscuit and Victory

For my birthday last summer, Doug had two tapered baguettes added to my engagement ring, in honor of Biscuit and Victory — our first furry family members.  Doug originally designed the setting and picked out the stones for my engagement ring, on his own, several years ago, and I love it.  (The only other person we have seen have a similar engagement ring, which we somewhat recently discovered, is Princess Mary of Denmark — Doug has elegant taste fit for a princess!)  I like to think of my engagement ring representing: our past (left ruby), our present (center diamond), and our future (right ruby).

The top ring comprises small diamonds from Doug’s Grandma Rose’s wedding ring, and we added similarly sized rubys to this channel setting to coordinate with the engagement ring.  Doug’s Mom was thoughtful to give us some of the stones from Grandma Rose’s wedding ring; and we had the ring made soon after.  Grandma Rose was a very special lady and we miss her dearly — she was a very wise and strong woman.  She was a large part of Doug’s life and she was also a very positive influence in Doug’s life.  I am happy to have known Grandma Rose.  Family rings are really neat, as you are always able to carry that special person with you, which you can continue to pass down to future generations.

Adding a stone(s) to a favorite piece of jewelry is a unique way to honor a family member and/or furry family member!

Happy Monday!


IMG_9383 2


IMG_9440 3

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  1. BEAUTIFUL RINGS!!!! Doug does have elegant taste. Lucky woman! I’m behind on emails. pkp Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 16:37:40 +0000 To:

    March 7, 2016

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