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Theory Animation: Ray and Clovis

We normally do not curate content about cats, the other furry family member.  However, National Cat Day was at the end of October, and David Andrade of Theory Animation, reached out and wanted us to share their animation, Ray and Clovis, shown below, promoting cat rescue and adoption.  As a result, because Biscuit’s Space always promotes animal rescue and adoption, we therefore decided to share this neat animation, shown below!




From David Andrade:

In short, the goal of the short film is to promote care, adoption, and awareness.  We have a couple of great characters who are popular online: Ray, the Iguana and Clovis, the Cat.  For this short film we wanted to use their popularity and spread the message of cats.

We don’t want to be preachy though.  We wanted to have fun and make a positive message about the whole thing.  That’s why we included cat facts and hilarious interpretations of them, like being Crepuscular means sleeping during the daytime; or in Clovis’ case, he sleeps because there is no good day time television.

At the end of the day if we inspired a young person to adopt a cat, then we’ve accomplished our mission.  That is the goal with this short animation — inspire at least one person to adopt a cat, and fall in love with them.




The above image is courtesy of David AndradeTheory Animation.

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