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Doga: Dog and Human Yoga

I recently learned about doga, dog and human yoga, a new movement.  You can now invite your furry family member to your yoga mat!  How had I not heard of this practice?!  According to Mahny Djahanguiri, “When you practice present-moment awareness, or mindfulness, as you do during yoga, you enhance your relationships . . . with humans, plants, and animals.” After all, our dogs are pros at the down dog!


Doga 2


There are many benefits of doga.  You get to enjoy an activity with your furry family member (all sizes and breeds are welcome to participate); both humans and furry family members will benefit from the calming effect of doga, which aids in helping with stress, anxiety, sleep, and digestion; both humans and furry family members get an opportunity to socialize with others who share a similar interest; and it is a fun and enjoyable practice for all!

What a neat way to bond and connect with your furry family member!  Perhaps I can find a class nearby, and see if Victory would participate!

You can learn more about doga in the book titled, Doga –Yoga for you and your dog by Many Djahanguiri.

*Please stay tuned for a forthcoming interview in early November appearing on Biscuit’s Space with Many Djahanguiri.




Additionally, you can view the video below to learn more!


Additionally, you can view the video below to learn more!


The images contained in this blog post are courtesy of Mahny Djahanguiri and Octopus Publishing.

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