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Sashi is Back…

Sashi is back!  Earlier this year, I wrote about the book entitled, Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie!  The author, Linda Greiner, recently contacted me to let me know her new book with illustrator, Morgan Spicer, entitled, Sahsi Adopts a Brother, a continuation in the Sashi Series, is available for pre-order!  A portion of the sales are donated to help Shetland Sheepdogs in the New Jersey area.  We love shelties and we are strong proponents of dog rescue, and we have already ordered ourselves a signed copy of this new book!

Here is an excerpt from the author:

“Sashi knows what it’s like to be unwanted.  She was a rescue sheltie when Anna and her mother adopted her.  After a few years, Sashi’s humans decide to foster rescues until they find permanent homes.  Well-trained and confident in her place among her humans, Sashi makes sure the fosters know that she’s the princess of the house.  Some of the fosters teach her fun tricks, like climbing snowdrifts.  Others—like the one who chases a laser light toy—just seem strange.  But none challenges her ability to rule her home as much as one oversized and rambunctious sheltie who had to leave his original home due to his bad behavior.”




The above image is courtesy of Linda Greiner.

You can view a trailer of the book, Sahsi Adopts a Brotherhere.

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