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Good Read: Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie

I recently was given the book entitled, Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie!  This book is a good read, especially if you enjoy illustration and a book about a rescue sheltie friend!

Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie, is the true story about a little dog who loses her home.  Sashi does not understand why she was left at an animal shelter, and because she cowered in a corner of her cage, potential adopters passed her by.  However, the Sheltie Rescue helps Sashi; and ultimately, Sahi is adopted into a home where she blossoms into the dog she was meant to be!  This story reminds me very much of our experience with Biscuit and Victory.

Importantly, this book was made possible via crowd funding via Kickstarter!

This book would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is a sheltie lover and/or anyone who supports dog rescue!


IMG_3983 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Next time I go Barnes & Noble I’m going to look for this.

    January 28, 2015

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