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Victory: Photography Project — 64

Beginning in January 2014, I started a weekly photography project with my muse, Victory!  I will continue to share this project on the blog this year!  My goal is to document all of Victory’s changes, while preserving fleeting moments and memories, while capturing moments of our everyday.

On Sunday, Doug and Victory came with me to a photo shoot in Annapolis, and then we went to Kent Island for crabs.  We found a place to eat where we could take Victory along with us!  Doug enjoys picking and eating crabs.  I am not too fond of crabs, but I had some good shrimp instead!  Victory was a really good girl and she was very patient while Doug worked through all of his crabs!  Everyone at the restaurant loved our fur girl!

After eating lunch, we went to the Eastern Shore and had a great time together!  Little Victory did not get her nap, as we were gone all day, so she was quite tired by the time we made it home where we found her on the sofa all sprawled out!  She got lots of good walks in, though!

We (hopefully) find out in about two weeks whether Victory’s infection is gone.  We sure hope it’s gone as she finishes up her antibiotic at the end of this week.  Who ever knew that a UTI could be so tricky.  On another note, Victory is starting to bark more, but her barking is only limited to ‘night-night’ one of her favorite times!

Below are a few images from our time together this past Sunday!  We are thrilled that it is officially summer!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_0651 2

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  1. Gina Harasti #

    Hi Katie,

    That is one happy dog! Where did you go for crabs?



    June 30, 2015
  2. Anonymous #

    Those crabs look delicious!!!!! You are fortunate to be near fresh seafood. If you ever move you will miss that. I like the photo of Doug and Victory.

    June 30, 2015

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