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Dog Products We Love

We are back!  I plan to share more about our travels later this week after we get settled!  In the meantime, in addition to Victory’s ‘Beauty Uniform,’ below are some dog products that we use and love!

Place Mat: We use the Orvis dog place mat for Victory’s feedings, and it is even monogrammed with her name!

Food: We use Fromm dog food, a company who has never had a recall on their food.  Victory loves it!

Treats: We primarily use Zukes and Buddy Biscuits, and Victory loves them!

Clothing: Our number one go-to clothing is RC Pets, a Canadian company.  The clothes made by RC Pets hold up and fit really well.

Puzzles: Victory really likes the puzzles made by Nina Ottoson.  They hold up well and they are  very easy to clean.

Collar: We use the all-nylon Premier Martingale collar, and it works well and keeps Victory from slipping her collar.

Leash: We use the Orvis leather leash, which has held up and worked well.

Happy Tuesday!


Products We Love

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