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Victory: ‘Beauty Uniform’

We receive many compliments about Victory’s appearance!  So I thought that I would share Victory’s ‘Beauty Uniform,’ including the grooming/hygiene products that we use and love.

Every morning before our morning walk, I brush out Victory’s fur coat using this comb; and sometimes in the evening I brush her belly while she lays on her back.  After I brush her out, I use a little baby powder behind her ears, similar to a dry shampoo, to soak up oil between baths, which helps her look her best!  Next, after our morning walk, I brush Victory’s teeth each morning using this toothpaste (from the vet, poultry flavor) and dental spray.  Then, she gets a treat for cooperating!  This is part of our morning routine, seven days a week.  However, sometimes, on the weekends, we give Victory a day off.  (On the occasions when I have been out-of-town without Victory, Doug does his best, but he usually skips brushing Victory’s teeth.)

The teeth brushing has really paid off as Victory’s teeth look better than ever and we want to prevent a dental cleaning, i.e., anesthesia for as long as possible.  Plus, it is a good oral hygiene practice.  Also, the daily brushing of her fur helps prevent knots and mats, which makes brushing so much quicker and easier.

Additionally, once a month, we take Victory to the vet to express her anal gland; clip her nails; and trim her paws.  Together Doug and I bathe Victory, to her dismay, at home in our soaker tub, once a month using this shampoo and conditioner.


beauty uniform


So Victory’s ‘Beauty Uniform’ is pretty simple — but it really works due to consistency and cooperation!  Here’s a beautiful Victory — and we hope that you enjoyed her ‘Beauty Uniform.’


IMG_0020 3


Happy Monday!

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