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In ‘The Zone’

Have you ever experienced ‘the zone’ — the magical place where everything seems to come together while you work?  I am grateful for these times.  I have given some thought to what helps create ‘the zone’ where everything flows smoothly — almost effortlessly, while working.  Below are some tips for getting into the ‘the zone’ creating the best chances for creative success.

1. Clean Work Space: I can focus so much easier when my work space is clean and not full of clutter.  I try to begin each morning with a clean desk.  It might sound very simple, but maintaining, as best as I can, a clean desk helps increase my productivity and ability to focus.  Also, a clean work space creates a more peaceful and tranquil working environment.

2. Ideal Work Time: Each person has their ideal work time where he/she is generally more productive.  I usually work better in the mornings to the mid-afternoon.  Finding your time where you are most productive is really important to producing your best work.

3. Disconnect from Interruptions:  Most people work better without distractions and interruptions.  I work best in large blocks of uninterrupted time where I can concentrate and get a lot done in one sitting versus working in smaller increments and then going to an appointment(s), checking email, etc.  While working, I find turning off the email while I work has been really helpful to maintaining a distraction free environment.

4. Be Open:  I think it really helps to be open while you are working and see what unfolds.  Often times, I work better when I do not have a preconceived notion of a specific outcome — it is much more serendipitous process.

5. Ample Rest & Exercise: I am able to focus so much better with ample sleep, rest, and exercise.  Without the proper rest and exercise, I have a much harder time focusing.  Moving one’s body via exercise is very helpful to get the creative juices flowing.  Often times, I come up with my best ideas while on the treadmill or walking outside.

6. Abundant Natural Light and Fresh Air: Natural light impacts most people in a positive fashion.  I find having ample light is really crucial for creating my best work.  On the sunny days, when the sun shinning and pouring through the windows, I am more productive.  On the other hand, on the stormy and cloudy days, with much less light, I have a more difficult time working.  Therefore, I do my best to take advantage of those sunny days!  Plus, it is always really nice to open the windows and let in a breath of fresh air!

Hopefully, you find these above ideas helpful to creating your best work!

Happy Wednesday!


be brave

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  1. very true…… good points

    May 15, 2015

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