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Natural Dog Anxiety Remedies

Our Victory has some anxiety, which is improving each day.  Below are some remedies that we have found helpful to build her confidence, which might help other dogs with anxiety as well.

1. Puzzles: The puzzles have really helped Victory gain more confidence.  She loves solving these puzzles, which are self-rewarding.  In the evening we set out a puzzle while we go to the gym, and she goes to town!

2. Massage: Just like massages help humans relax, massage can help dogs as well.  At least once a day, I give Victory a belly rub and massage her all over.  She seems to enjoy it and she is always smiling afterwards.

3. Exercise: Exercise is a great stress reliever for dogs, similar to humans.  Exercise stimulates the production of serotonin, that feel-good chemical that is produced from exercise.  Exercise also helps dogs, such as Victory, get rid of pent-up energy that can heighten anxiety.  Especially during really nice weather, we go on more walks and longer walks to help Victory get her exercise and to also relieve any tension, etc.  It seems to work well!

4. Outings: Victory loves the car and she loves going to new places, which is helping her learn that she will be ok being around other people, and that we will protect her from harm.  Going to a new place is a good distraction as well.  She likes to pretty much go anywhere with us.  She loves going to restaurants, as she loves getting food!  I know, we spoil her, what can we say!

5. Playing: In addition to her puzzles, Victory likes to play, especially at night, right before bed!  She even barked for the first time last week and she loves to run all over the bed interacting with her paws and mouth!  We think this interaction is helping to build her confidence and lessen her anxiety!  She loves it and is always parched after playing!

6. Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP): DAP was recommended by our trainer.  It takes several weeks to take effect.  DAP is a synthetic chemical that is based on a hormone produced by lactating female dogs that help keep puppies calm.  It come as a plug-in diffuser with vials that last about thirty days, and humans are not able to smell it.  We plugged the DAP diffuser in an area of the house where Victory spends most of her time, and it seems to help her some.

Victory has already made great strides, and we are confident that she will grow even more and we hope that her anxiety continues to dissipate.  Victory loves sitting outside and she is very relaxed in this setting!


IMG_6338 3

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  1. Anonymous #

    I feel like I could reach out and touch V! The photo is so clear!

    May 4, 2015

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