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ASPCA: Gift Ideas for Furry Friends and Furry Friend Lovers!

The ASPCA recently contacted me to share some important and fun information with fellow ‘dog friends!’  The holidays present a time when shoppers are buying gifts for pet lovers and pets alike, and studies show that over a third of Americans purchase holiday gifts for their pet(s).  Doug and I are in this category — we treat our beautiful Victory as a family member and we are excited to celebrate our second Christmas with our little Victory at our home!  We have already purchased Victory’s Christmas gifts!  Below, the ASPCA has shared some DIY gift ideas; pet gifts from its online store; and gifts for pet lovers!

DIY Ideas:  Below are some fun gift ideas for DIY enthusiasts or just those trying to cut back on costs.  As such, ASPCA behavior experts have put together the following suggestions, some of which are pictured below:

  • DIY dog gift: To make a tasty chew toy, soak a rope toy in chicken broth and then freeze.  Once frozen, give the toy to your dog for hours of savory chewing.
  • DIY cat gift: Rip off a piece of aluminum foil, put cat food or cat nip in it, and crumble it up into a ball.  This serves a fun batting toy for hours of kitty entertainment.



Gifts: Also as shown below, if you are shopping and are in need of gifts for your furry family member(s), below are some links to other cute gift ideas for pets, available at the ASPCA Online Store:



Gifts for Pet Lovers:  Additionally, as shown below are some gifts for pet lovers!


*The images shown above are courtesy of the ASPCA.

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