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Snapshot: Honeymoon

Since we just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary, and the blog was not in existence at the time we got married, I thought I would share some sights from our honeymoon.  We went on a three and a half week honeymoon to France, Monoco, and Israel!  It was wonderful!  Below is a snapshot of our honeymoon!


IMG_3741 2


IMG_3755 2


IMG_3788 2


IMG_3791 2


IMG_3865 2


IMG_3870 2


IMG_3873 2


IMG_3871 2


IMG_3908 2


IMG_3917 2


IMG_3935 2


IMG_4036 2


IMG_4021 2


IMG_4041 2


IMG_4707 2



IMG_4077 2


IMG_4081 2


IMG_4115 2


IMG_4121 2


IMG_4137 2



IMG_4152 2


IMG_4151 2


IMG_4158 2


IMG_4160 2


IMG_4169 2


IMG_4209 2


IMG_4202 2


IMG_4194 2


IMG_4219 2


IMG_4211 2


IMG_4471 2


IMG_4409 2


IMG_4361 2


IMG_4529 2


IMG_4522 2


IMG_4606 2


IMG_4643 2

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  1. Thanks to my father who told me about this blog, this blog is really awesome.

    November 4, 2014

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