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Taking a Break = Invigoration

During vacation for several weeks, I took a break, which I do not practice often enough.  What I noticed is that I really needed a break from my work and the usual routine — we were so ready for a long vacation.  I felt a bit drained and worn out, to be honest.  I also noticed that the intentional break gave me space to think about other things that had been pushed to the back burner as well as time to reflect on the projects that I am currently working on.  Most of all, I felt free.  After taking this long break during vacation, I felt more invigorated and, upon our return, I was ready to get back to work with a new perspective.  A change of scenery really does wonders — especially if you get to spend your days vacationing with your lovies (Doug and Victory)!  Therefore, I highly recommend taking intentional and frequent breaks  to enrich your work and the creative process.  (Breaks do not have to consist of vacations!)  Also, I often find that a problem that I am working on in my work becomes more clear after I have stepped away, even for a short period of time, and I am then able to come back with a fresh perspective.  Breaks = Invigoration.

Happy Tuesday!


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