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Making Photo Albums

A friend recently ask me how I keep my photo albums up to date.  I previously wrote about how I like to make and have tangible photo albums.  The way that I keep my photo albums up to date (most of the time) is that each week I edit images and then send them off for printing.  I have found that it is much easier for me to keep up with this on a weekly basis or else I will get buried in images and editing and it becomes quite cumbersome to get current.  When the prints arrive, I edit through the images and insert the images in chronological order into the photo album.  For the images I especially love, I get archival fine art prints made and mat and frame these images.  So much of our world today is digital; and I think it is really nice to have these tangible photo albums to flip through and reminisce.  Also, people love to flip through the albums when they come over to our home.  Below is a snippet of a few of our photo albums.   I have made roughly twenty photo albums over the recent years.

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_4896 2

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