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Victory: Eight Months In

“If you don’t have a god at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you.  But there may be something wrong with your life.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

Today marks eight months since we adopted our little Victory!  You can read more about the previous months’ milestones here.  The time is just flying by and Victory is blossoming!

Below are some things that we learned about Victory this month:

  • She continues to love to ride in the car!
  • She continues to go out to eat with us since the weather has been so nice!  She loves to go on outings!
  • She loves rice cakes and quickly runs over when she sees the bag!
  • She has not been chewing on as many ‘not for chewing’ items!  She is sticking with chewing her chew toys that she loves to hoard in her hut!  We have a weakness for buying her toys on a regular basis!
  • She still loves to eat on the sofa!  However, she comes into the dinning room and kitchen during dinner time for some snacks and she sometimes eats from her feeder in the kitchen!
  • She is doing better at bath time!  She actually smiled when we gave Victory her most recent bath.  However, it still takes both Doug and I to bathe her and prevent her from jumping out of the soaker tub!
  • She still enjoys her rides around the neighborhood in her Hound About!
  • She still enjoys going to the dog park, although she likes to stick near us — I think she identifies us as her pack!
  • She loves sitting on my hip, especially if we are out and about and she gets a little nervous.  Whenever Victory gets nervous, her little paw goes up — Doug says she ‘strikes a pose’ with her paw!
  • She loves the water.  She loves sitting by the water and looking at it.  It must be calming to little Victory!
  • She loves going out on the deck with us!
  • She, thankfully, is waking us up less and less for water during the night!
  • She gives us kisses each morning when we wake up!  She is so affectionate!
  • She has even begun to lay on her indoor Orvis beds!
  • She loves her home and routine!  On our recent trip, Victory got a little home sick.  She developed diarrhea by the time we got home.  We took her to the vet who said she had stress-induced colitis.  The vet put her on an antibiotic and probiotic and she was on a bland rice/chicken/beef diet for a week.  Thankfully, she is doing just fine.  The vet said that Victory is a ‘delicate flower.’  We have a probiotic to take with us on vacation and instructions from the vet on how to help prevent this again should it arise again!  We hope, in time, she will know that she will be ok in new situations and environments.  We know that she will get there.
  • Her sheltie furs keep coming in and she if filling out well! (We can’t wait to do a before and after photo at the one year mark, in October!)
  • She still has not barked as of yet!
  • Most of all, we love her so very much!

If you have not already, be sure to check out the six month video, our second video, and our most recent video of our little Victory!

Happy Thursday!


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