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Honoring Biscuit: His Love for Basking in the Sun

“One of the greatest gifts we receive from dogs is the tenderness they evoke in us.” ~Dean Koontz

Tomorrow marks eleven months since our precious Biscuit passed away.  This time of year, with summer quickly approaching, makes me remember the days that Biscuit loved to sun himself!  He loved to sit out in the grass with Doug and bask the sun, pictured below.  Biscuit also sometimes liked to roll around on his back in the grass while enjoying the sun!  I will never forget these ordinary, while simultaneously extraordinary, moments that we shared with our Biscuit.  There are days that I wish we could have one more afternoon together to just sit together in the sun, one of Biscuit’s favorite pastimes.  This is why it is so important to savor each day and be present in each moment and carve out time just to be.  Biscuit gave us so much joy and he gave us so many gifts, including Victory.  We still miss Biscuit very much, and even though he is not here with us in the physical form, Biscuit is always with us.


IMG_8879 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Sometimes your heart literally aches for someone who has passed on. You need to just go with your feelings – you will feel better for it.

    June 6, 2014

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