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Doug and I moved into our new home about eight months ago — the time has really flown by.  At that time, we bought some new furniture for the house since we have more space, but we also wanted to be in the house a little bit to get a sense of the space and how we wanted the space to look and feel.  As such, we have been slowly decorating.

Over the weekend, we picked up our new end tables and coffee table for our family room from Doug’s parents’ house.  Doug told me long ago that he always wanted these pieces of furniture in our house someday as they were hand-made by a family relative and they also were in Doug’s Grandma Rose’s apartment.  Doug’s Mom found a local furniture finisher  and we selected a stain and had the three pieces of furniture refinished.  The mid-century furniture turned out really nice and we received these pieces of furniture as an early gift, which, thankfully made it back to our home without any problems due to Doug’s careful loading and packing of the cars!  (Victory did well on the trip).

I have been looking around for some accent chairs to order at some point for our family room, living room, and my office.  Below, are some accent chairs that I found that might work!  I like solid colors — clean and simple.

We still have a few walls remaining that are in need of some decorating that we are working on as well!

Happy Thursday!


Chair 5


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    May 30, 2014

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