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Grandmother Power – Grandma Rose

Tara Mohr started a Grandmother Blogging Campaign.  When I read about this blog campaign, I thought that this was a neat campaign to commemorate grandmothers.

Grandma Rose Painting

My husband, Doug, was very close to his Grandma Rose; and she was a wonderful role model in my husband’s life.  I had the painting of Grandma Rose, shown above, made as a gift for Doug a few years ago by Mary Medrano.  This painting reflects how I remember Grandma Rose; and she loved yellow roses.  I was fortunate to know Grandma Rose for five years before her passing.  She was an amazing woman.  Her integrity, her generosity, her perpetual sense of optimism, her honesty, and her sense of humor are all characteristics that we strive to incorporate into our lives.

Grandma Rose was an extremely generous person.  While Doug’s parents both worked full-time, Grandma Rose stayed at the house with Doug and his brother.  Doug has many fond memories and stories of his Grandma Rose, especially when she stayed at their house for weeks at a time.  Whenever we would go and visit Grandma Rose in Cincinnati, Doug and I would spend hours with her talking in her apartment on a wide range of topics.  Often, we called Grandma Rose often on the telephone and told her about what was going on in our lives and she told us what was going on in her life.  Because of the distance, we mailed Grandma Rose cards and photographs so that we could share with her what was happening in our lives.  I wish that she could have met Biscuit.  We often think that she brought him into our lives at the right time.  Prior to adopting and rescuing Biscuit, Biscuit was living at the Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc. on Rosemary Court — an uncanny coincidence.  (Rosemary was Grandma Rose’s full name).

Doug always spoke highly of Grandma Rose’s cooking.  Doug loved her pork chops and her roast beef, two of his favorites.  Doug said that everything Grandma made was delicious; her  goetta, her hash, her vegetable soup, monkey bread, and Christmas cookies were some of Doug’s favorites.  Fortunately, we have some of Grandma Rose’s recipes.  Doug had an annual ritual of making Christmas cookies with Grandma Rose.  Grandma Rose prepared the dough.  She and Doug’s Mom then helped Doug and his brother roll the dough and cut out the cookie shapes.  I am lucky because Doug enjoys cooking and baking like Grandma Rose!  For example, Doug makes monkey bread, scones, crepes, waffles; and Doug also makes some terrific dinner dishes as well!

Grandma Rose always had a sense of humor.  I can remember her saying to us after she told us a story, “Isn’t that the craziest thing you ever heard!?”  She was always very honest with her opinions and she always spoke her mind!  No matter what was going on in our lives, Grandma Rose always told us that everything would always be ok and not to worry.

Most of all, Grandma Rose was always there for my husband — a constant in his life.  She emphasized that we only have one shot at life and to pursue one’s dreams.  Grandma Rose was an independent person, unafraid to speak her mind, who believed in living life to its fullest and without regret.  I admire these qualities.

Fortunately, Grandma Rose is with me each day.  Doug’s mom was generous enough to give me the remaining diamonds from Grandma Rose’s wedding ring.  Doug’s mom placed the two large diamonds from Grandma Rose’s wedding ring next to the diamond on her engagement ring.  We initially planned to add the nine small diamonds to my engagement ring, but the jeweler said that they were too small to add to my engagement ring.  So, then we decided to make a ring and we added six small rubies matching my engagement ring that Doug designed on his own for me.  (Doug has good taste and I like how my engagement ring is unique!)  Below is the finished ring made by the jeweler.  I am so happy that we have something of Grandma Roses to keep in the family and it is a constant reminder that she is always with us.

IMG_9128 2

I hope that if I am ever a grandma, that I can strive to be an influential role model and grandma like Grandma Rose.  We both miss her dearly and she is always with us in our hearts.


On another note, Happy Mother’s Day to all!  I had a nice day with Biscuit and Doug!  Doug and Biscuit made me crepes yesterday morning for brunch; and we all spent the day together and we all had a nice dinner together!  Biscuit gave me a thoughtful Mother’s Day card shown below!  Biscuit is doing well.  He loved being outside in the sun yesterday.  We went for a long scenic walk, which he greatly enjoyed!  A few photographs of Biscuit are shown below from our walk yesterday!

IMG_9145 2

IMG_9237 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Very touching story. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful set of rings! I think the rubies could be considered “rose”. Unusual and very classy. Being a grandmother myself I hope my grandkids have some good memories of me. You are a lucky woman Katie! A generous mother in law, a beautiful ring, thanks to your husband, a lovely likeness of Gr. Rose, a husband who cooks and last, but certainly not least, a beautiful dog! Also, I really enjoyed reading what Biscuit told the communicator.

    May 13, 2013

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