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The Importance of Handwritten Notes

We were taught to write thank you notes.  Today, it seems too easy with our electronic devices to just send off a note or a thank you note or post a note to social media.  However, I believe, a handwritten note means so much more and, after all, everyone likes to receive ‘good mail.’  I have kept all the notes and cards Doug has sent and given to me over the years and have them stored away for safe keeping along with the photo albums I have made over the years and continue to make.  For instance, I have cards Doug sent me when we started dating and cards and post cards that he sent to me when he traveled abroad.  I am so happy that I have kept these.  We even used to send each other cards on the eleventh of every month in our early years of dating — perhaps we should write each other more cards and notes more often for no particular reason!  I have also kept various cards and notes that people have sent and given me.  I like the idea of being able to look back at these tangible cards — there seems to be so much more permanency with a handwritten note.  Since I love paper so much, I enjoy making our Holiday card, which Doug proofs for me!

I keep stamps, address labels, cards, and stationery stocked in my desk drawers so it is optimal for me to write notes and thank you notes!  Here are some places that I like to purchase cards and stationery:  PapyrusQuotable CardsRifle Paper Co.; Trader Joe’s; and Etsy — there are many independent artists that make unique cards.  Sometimes, while out and about, I find a set of cards I really like.  I also really like to use custom stamps and stickers!  I purchase custom stickers made by Moo; and I purchase custom stamps made by Zazzle.

So, why wait for a special occasion to send someone a handwritten note or thank you note!

Happy Writing!


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  1. Lisa #

    yup…there’s nothing like an old snail mailed letter.

    excerpt from Following atticus facebook post: “I wrote today, we also went for a few walks to take advantage of the weather. One of our walks was to the post office to get the mail.

    A simple but sweet pleasure in life is getting mail from someone you care about and opening it to see that pretty much every white space is filled with care and words. One was in our post office box today and instead of waiting to get home to open it, we walked over to the gazebo beside the high and turbulent water of the Wildcat River, sat in the shade, and read it. Like all good correspondence, I read it more than once, once to see what was said, the second time to feel it, and on the way home I began crafting my response in my head.

    Later tonight, when Will is sleeping to his music and Atticus lays his head down against my leg on the couch, I will write a response and we’ll send it off tomorrow to continue this joyful dance of words.”

    The Adventures of Tom & Atticus….i have a feelin’ you’ll really dig this blog

    April 30, 2014

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