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The Power of Sleep

Doug and I have a regular schedule during the week of going to bed early, and Victory is very much involved in our night-time ritual, which includes our final walk before heading up to bed where Victory climbs the stairs and jumps on the bed and gives us tons of kisses before finally settling down to go to sleep resting in between the head board and one of our heads!

I know that I feel so much better when I get enough sleep.  I try to get around seven to eight hours of sleep a night.  I am able to think more clearly, be more productive, and I overall feel better.  If I do not get enough sleep, I am tired, agitated, unable to concentrate, and it takes me twice as long to do a task, and I am prone to making mistakes.  Hopefully, enough sleep and daily exercise will keep us healthy and well!

Arianna Huffington talks about the importance of sleep in this brief Ted Talk video.  Arianna Huffington also has a new book out, Thrive, where she discusses the four pillars in her book: well-being; wisdom; wonder; and giving.

Happy Tuesday!



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  1. Pat Pope #

    I’ve always heard that you need less sleep as you age but in my case I seem to need more!

    April 29, 2014

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