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Victory: Five Months In

“Nobody can fully understand love unless they are owned by a dog.” ~Unknown

Today marks five months since we adopted our little Victory!  You can read more about the previous months’ milestones here.

Below are some things that we learned about Victory this month:

  • She lets me give her belly rubs on her back.  At first, she was not too keen on my placing her on her back, but once her belly was being rubbed, she relaxed and seems to enjoy it like her brother Biscuit!
  • She is now fully transiting into the dinning room and kitchen since she does not want to be left out.
  • She is starting to eat her dinner in her feeder on her custom feeder mat located in the kitchen!
  • She loves to chew and play!  We have a basket of toys, a combination of some toys that were previously Biscuit’s toys and some new toys purchased for little Victory!  This month, Victory has fancied herself on taking toys from the basket and placing them one by one into her ‘hut!’ It is adorable!  In fact, one evening we came home and every last toy from the basket was in her ‘hut!’– there was barely any room for her little body as she surrounded herself by all of her toys!  Perhaps Victory is a little hoarder!  So, she seems to like the game of taking the toys to her ‘hut!’  Therefore, each night, we put the toys away in the toy basket so that she can then have fun taking them all to her ‘hut’ the next day!  She also loves chewing on her toys (among other things!)  We think that we are going to try the Kong toy next with her and see how she likes it!
  • She went to the pet store again to get more chew toys and she was a hit — everyone thought that Victory is so beautiful!
  • She loves the Hound About!
  • She loved going to Quiet Waters Park — Victory had a grand time!
  • She loves to eat peanut butter Frosty Paws!
  • She loves Cheese Please, treats we discovered from her BarkBox made of only cheese!  Doug ordered her two boxes to keep on hand in the house!
  • She still is not fond of getting a bath.  In fact, this month, Victory hopped out of the soaker tub during her recent bath!  Now, we make sure that one of us is holding her the entire time!  She looks and feels so great after an oatmeal bath!
  • She is getting us up less during the night for a drink(s) of water — she is sleeping more!
  • She, along with both of us, begin training classes next week with little Victory!
  • She gives us tons of kisses before bed, and she wakes me up in the morning licking my eye lashes with her head on my pillow!  Victory is quite affectionate!
  • She still loves to cuddle — our little cuddle bug!

There was a time that I thought that my heart would not be able to be filed with as much joy as Biscuit brought us.  However, our little Victory has stolen our hearts and she has filled our hearts with just as much joy as our precious Biscuit.  We have many more memories to make with Victory!  We are so happy Victory has entered our lives.

Can you locate little Victory below!

Happy Wednesday!


IMG_0274 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Loved the story about Victory putting toys in her hut. That would make a great photo. This morning I fed my kitty some premium food – she would not eat it. She went out of the kitchen and around the corner – waiting. Sure enough, when she heard another can pop open, in she came to eat her regular breakfast. She has me trained. Oh well, I love being owned by a cat.

    March 12, 2014

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